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We All Have to Eat

Benefits Of A Touch-Free Water Refill Station

Veronica Gardner

A number of rented water refill stations placed around your outdoor event venue can provide a convenient source of hydration for your guests, keeping everyone refreshed and dramatically lowering the risk of dehydration-related issues. When you're looking at water refill stations to rent from a company that specializes in them, you'll see many different products. Take your time to carefully read about each of them or have a rental agent explain them to you. Some stations are touch-free, which means that the water begins to flow as soon as someone puts their bottle in place. Here are some benefits of choosing a touch-free design.


You want people to be able to fill their bottles with water quickly, and a touch-free design on your refill stations can be helpful in this regard. This feature makes the water station fast to use, as the user simply has to position their bottle under the faucet. Refill stations that have buttons or knobs that control the flow of water take a little longer to use. For example, the user will have to look for the button or knob and reach out and press it. When there may be dozens of people waiting to use the station at any given time, the speed of a touch-free design will be an asset.


A touch-free design also limits the contact people have with the rented water refill stations. There's no reason for a user to touch the station with their hand. They simply position their bottle in the right place and then leave once the bottle is full. A station that isn't touch-free can acquire germs from peoples' hands as they touch the button or knob. This means that you should assign a staff member to disinfect each station regularly, which just adds another task to your team's to-do list. You can be confident that a no-touch design will keep your stations cleaner.

Less Waste

It's likely that there will be less water wastage when you use a touch-free design. As soon as the person pulls their full bottle away from the tap, a sensor notices this movement and stops the flow. If you were to use a refill station that has a knob that controls the flow of water, someone might turn the knob to dispense the water, fill their bottle and then walk away without turning the knob back to the "off" position, resulting in wasted water until someone approaches the station and turns off the flow.

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